Resignation Letters

9 Samples of How to Write a Volunteer Resignation Letter

Volunteer Resignation Letter

9 Samples of How to Write a Volunteer Resignation Letter

It is often possible to provide voluntary services or work as a volunteer employee of some company or organization. 

When you have decided to take a leave from the volunteer position or want to quit, then in this scenario, too, you need to provide a proper resignation letter to your immediate boss or employer, like any other paid employee, as you want to leave the position gracefully. You must be thinking about what difference it will make.

The first and foremost reason for this is that it’s considered common courtesy in most situations and whenever possible.

Even if you are not a paid employee, you still need to present your formal notice. It will provide time for the company or organization to manage and figure out how to cover your services and responsibilities. 

The second important point and the requirement to give resignation notice are that the people working when you provide voluntary services will make your perfect personal references.

So, always try to leave on a positive note by providing a proper resignation notice, as it will secure your future job and maybe voluntary services.


Tips To Resign From Voluntary Position, So include these tips in your Volunteer Resignation Letter.

 How much notice you should provide for your company:

If possible, try to provide two weeks’ notice to your company or organization, as it is considered standard.

It may have possible that you cannot provide as much notice as possible, but then you can provide whatever notice you can. In fact, there are no set requirements for leaving the voluntary job, or regular job too, so you should decide as per your preference how much notice you can provide them easily.


Way to take resignation:

If you want to resign from your position as a voluntary employee, you can send your employer or organization a formal resignation email message. This email resignation message will let your coordinator or your organization know that you want to resign from your duties and services. 

If you have got much time, you can provide them with a proper resignation letter, too, even you can inform them about your resignation through phone calls. The main point is you should let them know that you have planned to take the resignation.


Things to include in your resignation notice:

If required, you can consist of the reason for taking the resignation, but that is not needed, so basically, it is up to you to decide whether to include the resignation reason in your letter or email.

Provide your resignation date in your resignation letter or email message, as it will help your company or organization arrange for your replacement for the duties and responsibilities you are covering. 

You should always be thankful for your company or organization or any other coordinating person and express your gratitude to them for enhancing your skills and experience. 

If you want to take on your voluntary responsibilities in the future, you can also mention that in your resignation letter or resignation email message.



Volunteer Resignation Letter

Below you will find a sample of email resignation message and resignation letter from voluntary services:



Email Resignation Letter From Volunteer Position Sample #1

Subject: Tendering Your Resignation – The Importance of Subject Line

Esteemed Recipient,

I cordially write to communicate that I, the undersigned, have conceived a decision to relinquish my responsibilities as a trustee of the Board. This correspondence serves as my formal resignation notice.

As a matter of fact, in recent times, I have been struggling to balance the duties entrusted upon me as a trustee with my familial commitments. The mounting demands of my work schedule and personal life have proven to be insurmountable, making it increasingly difficult for me to discharge my fiduciary duties as expected.

Therefore, I have arrived at this juncture where I must tender my resignation from the position of trustee, effective as of the 1st of October in the year 20XX. This decision has not been taken lightly, and I have given it considerable thought and consideration before coming to this conclusion.

I must express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity extended to me to serve in this capacity. My tenure as a trustee has been a fulfilling one, and I have learned valuable lessons and gained immeasurable experiences during my time here. I appreciate the camaraderie and support received from you and fellow members during my tenure, and I sincerely hope for the continued growth and prosperity of the organization.

Kindly take note that my name and resignation have been explicitly included in the subject line of this email for clarity and to ensure that this communication receives the due attention it deserves.

Yours sincerely,

First Name Last Name




Resignation Letter Sample From Your Volunteer Position #2

You can use this resignation letter sample when you want to resign from your company or organization while writing your own and informing them that you are submitting your resignation. You can tailor the sample below as per your specific circumstances and situation.

Mention Your Name

Mention Your Address

Mention Your City, State, Zip Code

Provide Your Phone Number

Provide Your Email Address








City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation. I have thoroughly enjoyed providing my voluntary services for XYZ Community Organization. I won’t be able to continue my voluntary services this summer.

I have applied for some other task and would like to have summer skills enhancing the program, and because of this, I won’t be able to devote the required hours needed for the XYZ Community Organization.

However, I would like to inform you that I would appreciate the opportunity to rejoin my services and position in the fall, if possible.

I am sorry for the inconvenience I am causing the organization.

Please let me know if I can rejoin my position and voluntary services during this school year.

I appreciate the opportunities you have provided me with in my working position; they helped me enhance my skills and knowledge. I have learned so many things in XYZ Community Organization and enjoyed working in the organization.   

Yours Sincerely,

Your Signature (If it is printed or hard copy resignation letter)

Your Typed Name

Always keep in mind the above two samples are for your guidelines only. You can always tailor them as per your specific requirements and situations.

You can also refer to our other various articles on email resignation message and various types of resignation letters that we have already provided; maybe they will also help your different situations while resigning from the company or organization. You can also refer them to your friends and family as per their needs.



Resignation Letter Sample From Your Volunteer Position #3

Here is a sample volunteer resignation letter:

[Your Name] [Your Address] [Your City, State, Zip Code] [Your Phone Number] [Your Email]




[Name of Volunteer Coordinator or Director] [Organization Name] [Organization Address] [Organization City, State, Zip Code]

Esteemed [Appellation of Volunteer Coordinator or Director],

It is with a profound feeling of consideration and solemnity that I inscribe this epistle to convey my immutable determination to abdicate my commendable designation as [your volunteer position] at [organization name]. Correspondingly, I hereby affirm that my ultimate day of service will be [your last day of service].

In no uncertain words, I must concede that my residency as a volunteer at [organization name] has been one of the most enriching and gratifying ordeals of my lifetime. With unconditional admiration and appreciation, I must acknowledge that I have amassed a great deal of erudition, sagacity, and discernment during my tenure here. Additionally, I have cultivated invaluable connections and relationships that will doubtlessly persist beyond the vicissitudes of time.

Lamentably, circumstances beyond my control have impelled me to make this decision. I am compelled by the exigency to pursue [your reason for resigning], which has become an indomitable aspiration that I must pursue with unequivocal fervor and ardor. Nonetheless, I remain optimistic that [organization name] will continue to achieve loftier pinnacles in the pursuit of its exalted mission.

It is incumbent upon me to accentuate that I am willing to persist on board for a few weeks, to facilitate the seamless transition process, by training my successor and completing any pending ventures. It would be a prodigious privilege for me to serve in this capacity and ensure that [organization name] persists to flourish even in the face of this unanticipated development.

I cannot underscore enough how profoundly grateful I am for the opportunity to serve as a volunteer at [organization name]. My sincere aspiration and desire are that the organization will continue to thrive and fulfill its mission with unmitigated triumph.

With utmost esteem and respect,

[Your Signature]



Resignation Letter Sample From Your Volunteer Position #4

Esteemed and highly regarded Coordinator of Volunteerism,

It is with a heavy heart that I compose these words to apprise you of my decision to relinquish my position as a volunteer at your esteemed establishment, [Organization Title]. Please take note that my ultimate day of service shall be in line with the specified date in the greeting of this written correspondence.

My tenure as a volunteer at [Organization Title] has been a source of immense elation and gratitude, and I am deeply grateful to the establishment for affording me this exceptional opportunity to serve. I am truly appreciative for the multitude of lifelong companionships that I have formed and the diversity of lessons that I have learned.

Although it causes me great distress to relinquish this position of service, I must regretfully apprise you that I have been compelled to do so. I have accepted a full-time position with a different establishment that necessitates my relocation, thereby making it unfeasible for me to uphold the time commitment that is required for my volunteer position at [Organization Title].

At this juncture, I would like to express my profound gratitude for your unwavering backing and sound guidance that you have selflessly provided me throughout my tenure as a volunteer at [Organization Title]. I extend my heartfelt best wishes to you and the establishment for all your future endeavors.

Please note that I am at your disposal to extend any assistance that I can provide to ensure a seamless transition.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Signature] [Your Printed Name]



Resignation Letter Sample From Your Volunteer Position #5

Esteemed Coordinator of Volunteers,

Please be informed that I shall be tendering my resignation from my voluntary engagement at the organization known as [Organization Name]. My final day of service shall be [Date], which is hereby communicated to you for your records.

It has been an exceedingly delightful and enriching experience serving at [Organization Name], and I must express my profound gratitude for the unique opportunity to contribute my quota to the laudable efforts of the organization. Throughout my stay, I have gleaned immense knowledge and formed valuable connections with various individuals, further underscoring the importance of volunteerism as an instrument of societal advancement.

Regrettably, I must tender my resignation due to certain personal exigencies that require my immediate attention. I am conscious of the inconvenience that this may cause and proffer my apologies for the same.

Permit me to extend my utmost appreciation to you for your unwavering support and invaluable guidance throughout the duration of my volunteer tenure. I trust that the organization shall continue to scale greater heights and make commendable strides in the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any assistance with the transitioning process.


[Your Signature] [Your Printed Name]



Resignation Letter Sample From Your Volunteer Position #6

Esteemed [Volunteer Supervisor’s Name],

I am composing this correspondence to notify you that I shall be relinquishing my position as a volunteer at [Institution Name]. My last day of service will fall on [Designated Date].

It has been an honor to serve as a volunteer at [Institution Name], and I feel grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to its noble cause. I have garnered innumerable insights and forged several meaningful relationships.

Regrettably, I must now tender my resignation as I must tend to pressing matters involving my family. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and valuable guidance during my time as a volunteer. Your guidance has been a source of inspiration and has helped me scale new heights of achievement.

As my tenure draws to a close, I am committed to ensuring a seamless transition of power and would like to offer my assistance in any way possible to facilitate this process.

In conclusion, I would like to express my deepest admiration and well-wishes for your outstanding efforts in leading this institution to greater heights of excellence. As I embark on a new chapter in my life, I shall always cherish the memories of my service as a volunteer with [Institution Name].


[Your Signature] [Your Printed Name]




Sample Volunteer Resignation Letter for Medical Reasons #7

Esteemed and most revered [Volunteer Coordinator’s Name],

With a deep sense of humility and utmost sincerity, I am reaching out to you today to formally relinquish my esteemed position as a volunteer at the illustrious [Organization Title]. It is with a heavy heart and a great deal of contemplation that I have arrived at this significant decision, and my ultimate day of service at this distinguished organization shall be the propitious day of [Date].

Without a doubt, my time as a volunteer at [Organization Title] has been an incredibly satisfying and fulfilling experience, one that has not only enriched me with a plethora of life skills but also graced me with the golden opportunity to forge innumerable friendships with individuals of exceptional character.

However, I am constrained to resign my services on account of a medically diagnosed condition that necessitates me to reduce my work hours. With the deepest sense of remorse and regret, I humbly request that you pardon any inconvenience this may occasion.

It is with a profound sense of gratitude and admiration that I express my sincerest appreciation for your unwavering support and guidance throughout my tenure as a volunteer. Your exemplary leadership and unparalleled vision have been a source of inspiration and motivation for me, and I shall forever cherish the indelible memories and experiences that I have garnered during my tenure.

In the spirit of a smooth transition and as a testament to my unflinching dedication to the values and ideals of [Organization Title], I implore you to consider me available to offer any assistance deemed necessary during this phase of change.

With the warmest of regards and a deep sense of fondness, I remain

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Signature] [Your Printed Name]



Sample Volunteer Resignation Letter for Professional Reasons #8

Esteemed [Organization Name],

It is with great regret that I hereby tender my resignation from my esteemed volunteer role as [Volunteer Role], effective [Resignation Date]. Permit me to express my profound gratitude for the plethora of experiences and opportunities your distinguished organization has bestowed upon me during my tenure.

As an ardent devotee of your noble cause, it pains me to relinquish my position; however, I have recently been presented with a lucrative professional opportunity that demands my utmost attention and priority. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I make the difficult decision to prioritize my career goals and commitments.

I fervently affirm my unyielding allegiance to your organization’s laudable mission and unequivocally assure you of my unwavering support in any capacity I may serve. I stand ever ready to lend a helping hand in facilitating the seamless transition of my erstwhile responsibilities to a new volunteer and proffer my unreserved availability to provide satisfactory clarifications for any questions or concerns during this process.

Kindly accept my sincerest gratitude for the chance to contribute to your exceptional cause, and know that I remain amenable to offering further assistance during this transition period.

Warmest regards,

[Your Name]



Sample Volunteer Resignation Letter for Other Reasons #9

Esteemed [Coordinator’s Name],

I am scripting to notify you that I will be stepping down from my volunteer position at [Organization Name]. My final day of labor will be [Date].

I have relished my time volunteering at [Organization Name] and I am thankful for the chance to have served the organization. I have acquired copious knowledge and made numerous new acquaintances.

I am stepping down because I have resolved to pursue other interests. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I wish to thank you for your support and counsel during my time as a volunteer. I hope you and the organization have nothing but the best in the future.

If there is anything I can do to aid with the transition, please do not hesitate to contact me.


[Your Signature] [Your Printed Name]



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